is there ground up cockroaches in coffee?

Does Coffee Contain Roaches?

Many people can’t go without their morning cup of coffee. So, to discover that there may be cockroaches in your cup of Joe is enough to put anyone off ever drinking it again. But is … Read more

how does a cockroach give birth?

How Do Cockroaches Give Birth?

Most cockroaches don’t give birth in the traditional sense. It takes roughly 2 months for cockroaches to hatch. Cockroaches sometimes give birth while dying. This natural instinct protects the young and ensures the continuation of … Read more

can cockroaches damage your house?

Do Cockroaches Damage Homes?

Roaches can’t chew through metal or healthy wood, such as supporting beams, heating ducts, or pipes. Cockroaches can burrow into electrical outlets and conceal themselves in household appliances, such as coffee makers and microwave ovens. … Read more

what causes cockroaches in garage?

Why Are There Cockroaches in My Garage?

You don’t expect to find roaches in your garage. If you see these pests scurrying around your car or storage items, then they likely live nearby. Roaches are just as able to build colonies in … Read more

can cockroaches chew through foil?

Can Roaches Eat Through Aluminum Foil?

Cockroaches are insidious creatures known for getting into anything. If food or trash is lying around, they will find it. That’s probably why you wrap up leftover food or ingredients in aluminum foil. We like … Read more

does rain bring out cockroaches?

Why Do Cockroaches Come Out When It Rains?

Rain and humidity bring out different household pests. Many people have noticed that there are suddenly more roaches in their living space when it rains. If you’ve made this observation, you may be curious about … Read more

how does hissing benefit the cockroach?

How Do Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches Hiss?

The Madagascar hissing cockroach can produce an angry, cat-like hiss that can startle anyone who hears it. Since it’s the only roach species that produces this sound, you may wonder how it happens. Madagascar hissing … Read more

roaches in attic insulation

Why Are There Roaches in My Attic?

Cockroaches can choose seemingly strange locations to hide. Discovering that you have roaches in your attic and not your kitchen can be puzzling. However, the attic is a place where roaches can avoid detection by … Read more

do cockroaches appear in winter?

Do Cockroaches Go Away in Winter?

Cockroaches prefer to live in temperatures that range from 25 to 40 degrees Celsius. This is the standard temperature for a U.S. home. If the room temperature drops below 25 degrees, cockroaches will vacate the … Read more

are cockroaches attracted to mold?

Do Cockroaches Eat Mold?

Cockroaches and mold often coexist, which leads to the assumption that cockroaches do eat mold. In reality, cockroaches and mold thrive in the same environment and eat the same food. Both love warm, dark, and … Read more

why do cockroaches enter homes?

Why Are Cockroaches Coming Into My House?

You work hard to create a clean and comfortable home. Despite your best efforts, you may still find cockroaches scurrying around. That can be confusing and disheartening since rumor has it that cockroaches only invade … Read more

why do cockroaches have wings?

Why Are There Flying Cockroaches?

Some types of cockroaches are born with the ability to fly. However, not all cockroaches have functional wings. The advantage of wings almost certainly enhances the survival prospects of cockroaches as a species. Flying cockroaches … Read more

are cockroaches attracted to paint?

Do Cockroaches Eat Paint?

Roaches eat just about anything. They’re so tenacious when hungry that many people wonder if they’ll eat paint. This may include paint that’s dripped onto the floor, the peeling paint on your walls, or even … Read more

do roaches feed their young?

Do Cockroaches Nurse Their Young?

Because roaches are insects, you may be surprised to hear that cockroaches produce milk. After all, invertebrates aren’t mammals. Cockroaches are known for laying eggs, not giving birth. It isn’t easy to imagine baby cockroaches … Read more

can cockroaches enter your ear?

Do Cockroaches Crawl in Your Ear?

A nightmare for many people is a cockroach crawling into your ear and getting stuck in there. Unfortunately, there’s more truth to this fear than most of us realize. Gross as it may seem, earwax … Read more

do cockroaches smell like urine?

Why Do Cockroaches Smell So Bad?

Cockroaches produce a musty, oily smell. While it’s usually undetectable by humans, that changes if a cockroach colony is allowed to thrive unchecked. In certain numbers, you will be able to smell the presence of … Read more

can roaches survive washing machine?

Why Do Roaches Go on Clothes?

You may find cockroaches in closets or laundry rooms. Roaches will infest clothing, hiding in the pockets, lining, and hoods to avoid detection. Here, they can leave behind poop, bacteria, and even mold spores. While … Read more

how to keep roaches away from fish tanks

Why Are Roaches Attracted To Fish Tanks?

It can be concerning to see cockroaches emerge from underneath your aquarium’s lid. Roaches are covered in bacteria (and sometimes insecticides), so it’s important to keep them away from your pet fish. That starts by … Read more

how long can roaches live in a vacant house?

Will Cockroaches Live in An Empty House?

It’s natural to assume that a cockroach population will die off or move out when you vacate your property. After all, how will roaches survive without access to leftover food, crumbs, dirty plates, and water? … Read more

do cockroaches live in air conditioners?

Do Air Conditioners Attract Cockroaches?

Air conditioners are essential in many parts of the country. If you’re dealing with cockroaches, though, these machines can be a problem. HVAC systems and their air ducts wind throughout your home. Window AC units … Read more

do cockroaches climb through drains?

Do Cockroaches Come Up Drains?

Roaches thrive in the sewage system. Cockroaches are flexible enough to fit through any small cracks or gaps, so your drains and pipes provide entry points to your shower drain, bath drain, kitchen sink, bathroom … Read more

Do Cockroaches Travel in Groups?

Do Cockroaches Travel Alone or in Groups?

Cockroaches are nocturnal, so you rarely see them during the day. While you may see a lone cockroach scuttling across the floor, they’re more likely lurking in large colonies somewhere dark and secluded where they’re … Read more

reasons for cockroaches in bathroom

Where Do Roaches Come from in The Bathroom?

Roaches can infest bathrooms just as easily as kitchens. However, it seems strange that these pests can find that room at all. It’s not like bathrooms have direct access to the outdoors. Likewise, they rarely … Read more

do cockroaches turn white?

Why Do Cockroaches Become White?

The only thing more shocking than seeing cockroaches is seeing white cockroaches. Like ghosts, there are many rumors about their existence and the meaning behind an encounter with one. However, white cockroaches aren’t as mysterious … Read more

why do cockroaches make noise like a cricket?

Do Cockroaches Make Noise At Night?

You may wonder if those strange nighttime noises are coming from cockroaches. Whether the sounds you hear are due to eating, walking, flying, running, or mating, it seems unlikely that roaches would be completely silent. … Read more

If I flush a cockroach will it come back?

Can I Flush a Cockroach Down The Toilet?

Since roaches are covered in bacteria and germs, knowing how to dispose of them properly is really important. Throwing them in the trash may allow them to crawl out again or leave a pheromone (scent) … Read more

can cockroaches bite through plastic?

Can Roaches Eat Through Plastic Bags?

Cockroaches can chew through all sorts of plastic, including your plastic grocery bags. This can leave you wondering how safe your kitchen food is. After all, most of us keep leftovers and raw food in … Read more

what did roaches evolve from?

How Did Cockroaches Originate?

Even though cockroaches are unwelcome pests that spread illness and disease, they’ve been around for millions of years, long before man. But how were cockroaches created? Cockroaches could be as much as 350 million years … Read more

does garden mulch attract cockroaches?

Do Cockroaches Live in Mulch?

Finding out you have cockroaches in your mulch can be concerning. Not only must you remove them from your garden, but you need to take measures to prevent them from migrating inside your house. Cockroaches … Read more

Do Cockroaches Live in Potted Plants?

Do Cockroaches Live in Potted Plants?

Potted plants are a common feature in homes, but discovering that they’re infested with cockroaches can lead to other problems. Because cockroaches bury themselves deep into the soil, it’s not always possible to know they’re … Read more

can roaches survive washing machine?

Can Roaches Live in Washing Machines?

If you find your washing machine has been infested with roaches, you’ll need to remove them fast. Otherwise, they’ll breed and multiply, becoming a nuisance. They’ll also destroy your clothes. Roaches can live in washing … Read more