how to sleep when you have cockroaches

How To Keep Cockroaches Away While Sleeping

No one wants to sleep with cockroaches nearby, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. If you’re dealing with a heavy infestation, it won’t be removed overnight. In the meantime, you’ll lie awake, hoping that cockroaches don’t crawl … Read more

do sound waves keep roaches away?

What Sounds Do Cockroaches Hate?

Not only are cockroaches difficult to kill, but they don’t seem to be that affected by sound. That said, if they know predators are around, such as humans and household pets, they’ll make themselves scarce. … Read more

preventing cockroaches in luggage

How To Check Luggage For Cockroaches

Regardless of how well you pack your baggage and how clean you are, cockroaches can get into the smallest spaces without you even realizing it. So, how can you check your luggage for signs of … Read more

roaches coming in from neighbors

My Neighbor Has Roaches: What Can I Do?

If you live in a shared apartment block or have walls adjoining your home to your neighbor’s, cockroaches can travel between them. Cockroaches can squeeze through the smallest gaps, so you must take preventative measures … Read more

do ultrasonic pest repellers work on roaches?

Do Ultrasonic Devices Work on Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are one of the worst kinds of pests to have in your home. They reproduce quickly and eat pretty much anything, even decaying matter. Ultrasonic devices are an alternative pest control method to poisons, … Read more

what scents will keep cockroaches away?

What Smells Keep Roaches Away?

There are many myths about how to deter cockroaches with scents. When humans and animals dislike the smell of something, they tend to avoid it completely. Surely, if you could figure out the different smells … Read more

how to prevent cockroaches at work

How To Avoid Bringing Roaches Home From Work

Cockroaches infest all manner of environments frequented by humans, including the workplace. If this happens in your place of employment, you may bring roaches home with you, risking an infestation. Cockroaches smuggle themselves into bags … Read more

are cockroaches attracted to cigarettes?

Do Roaches Like Cigarette Smoke?

Cockroaches seem to eat everything, so it won’t surprise you to find roaches eating cigarettes. If you have found roaches in your ashtray, it’s understandable that you may wonder if they actually like cigarette smoke. … Read more

can visitors bring roaches?

Can Someone Bring Roaches To Your House?

Even if you’ve roach-proofed your home, you can still get an infestation due to a guest bringing in just one pregnant female. The chances of this happening may seem unlikely since most cockroaches are large … Read more

do dryer sheets repel cockroaches?

Do Dryer Sheets Keep Cockroaches Away?

Although notoriously difficult to eradicate, dryer sheets are believed to keep cockroaches away. This simple home remedy for infestations involves putting dryer sheets into the favorite hiding places of cockroaches. Dryer sheets contain linalool, a … Read more

do dogs deter cockroaches?

Do Dogs Keep Cockroaches Away?

Throughout history, dogs have been used to keep our homes and livestock safe from pests. This definitely includes cockroaches, to some extent. A dog’s presence alone can deter cockroaches. Beyond that, dogs still retain a … Read more

do cats keep cockroaches away?

Are Cats Good At Killing Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are a pest, but killing cockroaches with chemicals or manual traps doesn’t work for everyone. If you want a natural solution, bringing in an animal that hunts cockroaches seems like the ideal solution. Among … Read more

where do cockroaches hide in hotels?

How To Avoid Cockroaches in Hotels

Hotels are supposed to be a place of peace and relaxation, so if you ever find a hotel infested with roaches, you have every right to be repulsed. Unfortunately for travelers, there’s little way of … Read more

using catnip to repel cockroaches

Does Catnip Repel Cockroaches?

While pesticides and diatomaceous earth are time-tested pest control methods, placing catnip around your home could keep cockroaches away. Catnip contains a compound called nepetalactone which confuses cockroaches, throwing their senses off balance. You can … Read more