What Does Dreaming About Cockroaches Mean?

Dreaming about cockroaches is common, but how people feel about these dreams varies widely. For some, it creates a feeling of unease or disgust. For others, it makes for a happy or positive experience. Each culture and religion has different meanings for cockroach dreams.

In Biblical and Islamic contexts, roach dreams symbolize unclean spirits, a weak but pervasive enemy, and poverty. In Russian, Finnish, and Romani cultures, roaches mean prosperity, resilience, and longevity. In Chinese mythology, roaches mean free-spiritedness, while black roaches represent feeling burdened or pinned down. Red roaches symbolize wealth, black roaches can indicate misfortune, and white roaches mean betrayal.

In psychoanalysis, the meaning of your dream will depend on your own experiences, thoughts, and feelings. Cockroach dreams can mean that you feel resentment toward an overbearing figure, think someone is disgusting, or recall a memory about touch or feeling. No one meaning is more true than the other, and it depends on how the dreamer feels about the interpretation. The key is to evaluate all the possible meanings.

What Does Dreaming Of Cockroaches Signify?

Cockroaches are known for their survival, endurance, and durability.

In many cultures, they symbolize tenacity, rebirth, and longevity. However, they’re also known as invasive, disease-ridden pests. For some people, they can be a sign of guilt, disgust, and sin.

Because of that, dream interpretation can vary extensively. Depending on your beliefs, culture, and background, dreams about cockroaches might mean:

  • You’ll gain the resilience necessary to make it through difficult circumstances.
  • You or someone else in the dream feels guilt about not keeping promises with family and friends.
  • Take better care of your mental and physical health, since it’s a warning about bad health and poor hygiene.
  • You’re about to receive good fortune and a plentiful harvest, be it a promotion at work or a good harvest.
  • It’s a warning that you need to explore anxieties or negative feelings, specifically about actions taken.

In psychoanalysis, dreaming of cockroaches is deeply affected by how the dreamer views roaches in the waking world.

In religious contexts, the meaning can be fixed and related to certain iconography. Depending on the culture, it can vary as a cockroach dream will tie in with oral history or mythology.

Here are some examples:

dreaming of dead cockroaches

Roaches In Western And Asian Dreams

Most Western and Asian cultures symbolize cockroaches as evil or a symbol of misfortune. That’s because they’re seen as creatures of the dark, found in dirty and neglected places. As per Chinese mythology, cockroaches are associated with fighting wars and with controlling emotions.

Cockroaches in Russian And Finnish Dreams

Meanwhile, some cultures of rural Russia and Finland see roaches as durable, resilient, and adaptable. They were bought into the home and allowed to roam freely by the newlyweds to bring longevity and fortune into the home.

Roaches In Ethiopia Dreams

In Ethiopia, black is a lucky color that’s meant to symbolize rich soil and prosperity. The sight of a black cockroach means good things are about to happen. Cockroach eggs also mean good fortune and plentiful harvest.

Cockroach Meaning In Numerology

In ancient Chinese traditions, cockroaches are given the dates of January 25th and 31st. In numerology, they’re assigned the number 3, which signifies free spirit and a connection to the life trinity.

The significance of a dream depends on the role of cockroaches in a person’s life, culture, and spiritual or religious beliefs. No matter the interpretation that rings true to you, dreaming about cockroaches is common.

Psychoanalysis of Cockroach Dreams

In psychoanalysis, it’s commonly believed that dreams reflect what the dreamer is thinking, feeling, or suppressing.

Dreams may occur because of everyday worries or anxieties. They may also represent memories we’ve had or information that we’re processing from the waking world.

According to Cornell University’s Department of Neurobiology and Behavior, children dream about cockroaches more than other insects. Researchers studied 78 children ranging in age from 4-6.

Using psychoanalysis, they determined that the children associated dreams of insects with feeling powerless. The children identified with the cockroaches since they too were small and had little control over their surroundings.

In some cases, cockroaches were also viewed as dirty creatures that carry disease. This makes them closely associated with bad or unjustifiable acts. People who feel guilt or distaste for a certain situation, person, or outside anxiety may dream of cockroaches as a manifestation of this feeling.

The good news is that you can have control over these dreams. With therapy, one member of the study influenced their dream and “sprayed” a cockroach with a pesticide in the fantasy.

Once they managed to “end” the dirty act, as signified by the presence of the cockroach, they stopped dreaming about cockroaches. This helped them to emotionally resolve their conflicted feelings and experience less anxiety.

What Does My Cockroach Dream Mean?

Dreams about cockroaches have no one fixed meaning.

If your first guess is that dreams about roaches mean you’re worried about a “bad” or “dirty” act, don’t worry. According to Philosophia, one dream can have many interpretations.

It depends on:

  • The person having the dream
  • Whoever is trying to interpret the dream
  • The minor details in the dream
  • The overall feeling that the dreamer experiences while in the dream

One minor detail can shift the entire interpretation. Likewise, even the most experienced dream interpreter can miss the mark. It’s up to the dreamer to decide what interpretation holds true for them.

For example, the above study followed a patient who had an ingrained fear of cockroaches. They appeared in her dreams often and with different feelings, some of which could be interpreted as:

  • Resentment of her mother because the woman was intrusive like a cockroach infestation
  • Distaste for her father, because he had bad personal hygiene and ate messily, like a cockroach
  • Memories of childhood flirtations, such as boys playfully caressing her skin like a cockroach crawling up her arm

These interpretations have strong associations with the dreamer’s life, thoughts, and impression of cockroaches. Does that make one more ‘correct’ than the next? Not at all. That’s why it’s common practice for the dream interpretation to come down to the dreamer.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming of Cockroaches

In a spiritual context, cockroaches in your dreams may be the carriers of evil powers.

Cockroaches like dark, damp, secluded places. This could allow them to represent an unclean spirit or reflect your view of a person who is consorting with an entity they shouldn’t.

There are positive impacts of seeing cockroaches in a dream. For instance, they are resilient in adverse climates and terrains. They may indicate that you’re strong enough to overcome hardships in your life.

However, different religions have different interpretations of cockroach dreams.

biblical meaning of dreaming of cockroaches

Biblical Meaning of Dreaming of Cockroaches

In Christianity, cockroaches in a dream are associated with the spirit of poverty. They also represent misfortune, a kind of evil, or a problem.

To narrow down the specific meaning, you need to analyze how you interacted with the cockroach in your dream:

  • Killing cockroaches in a dream: This signifies that you have successfully overcome a problem in your life. This issue would have otherwise tried to destroy your patience and the fruit of your labor.
  • Seeing dead cockroaches in a dream: Roaches can symbolize an evil spirit that intends to rob you of your peace and well-being. Seeing the roach as dead means that God has conquered this threat and protected you from harm.

Cockroach Dream Meaning in Islam

In Islam, most cockroach dreams are interpreted as a negative omen. Aside from a few special cases, it’s considered a sign of bad luck. Moreover, seeing a cockroach in your dream can reflect your inner thoughts about your luck.

If the cockroach scurries throughout your home, it may indicate that you have a hidden, weak enemy in your family. Despite the relative powerlessness of this person, entity, or factor, it can still cause a lot of damage.

If the cockroach is exceptionally small, it may indicate that someone impoverished may seek you out. They could be looking to take something from you, be it money or advice, but it will be in a negative sense.

If the cockroach is active and cannot be trapped, it could mean someone is actively sowing discord in your social circles. It may be worth evaluating who you trust or why you have reason to feel distrust toward that person.

Type of Cockroaches in A Dream

Details matter in your dream, and there are over 4,500 different kinds of cockroaches. Depending on the type you see, your dream could alter its meaning.

Let’s explore the significance of seeing cockroaches in different colors. These are meanings from various cultures. You can decide which stands out to you as accurate for your dream.  

Dreaming Of Red Cockroaches

A red cockroach in your dream is usually associated with benevolence. It symbolizes abundance in health, wealth, and good things.

If the cockroach is infesting your home, and you’re not concerned by its presence, it can:

  • Indicate receiving a gift from someone very close to you.
  • Mean financial stability or wealth in near future.
  • Mean that you will feel lucky and grateful for what you have.

Pay attention to the number of cockroaches that you see.

If the infestation is not just a presence but instead a specific number, it can tell you how much money you’ll receive when you can expect the gifts or tie into your feelings about the good fortune.

Dreaming of Black Cockroaches

Black cockroaches are seen as a bad omen.

Most people identify them as Oriental cockroaches, which are flightless. Seeing one in your dream can mean you’re feeling burdened or pinned down. You cannot spread your wings or escape a bad situation.  

Black roaches can indicate that, sooner or later, bad luck will follow you. If the cockroach stays in one place and you cannot interact with it, then it may indicate a roadblock that you’re facing in your life. It could serve as a warning to focus not on the problem but on the object or person standing in your way.

Since black cockroaches are considered dangerous, killing one in a dream can be good news. It means the opening of new gates or the ending of a dark time.

Dreaming of White Cockroaches

White is referred to as a color of purity and cleanliness. However, white cockroaches in a dream symbolize betrayal.

It could mean that someone close to you is willing to deceive you. This may happen unexpectedly or at the worst possible time. This dream can be alerting you to be more aware of the people in your surroundings.

Interacting With Cockroach Dreams

What you or the cockroach does in the dream can impact its meaning. Here are the most common scenarios that play out in roach dreams and their possible interpretations:

Chasing a Cockroach

In your dream, you may struggle to catch a cockroach, chasing it around your home.

This could mean that you’re slowly losing a grip on things. The cockroach could symbolize your routine life and life opportunities. You view them as within reach but difficult to obtain.

The cockroach could symbolize misfortune. If you’re chasing the roach but not trying to catch it, it could mean that you’re pursuing and chasing away the bad luck.

Cockroach Falling on You

In Romani culture, cockroaches sometimes signify good fortune and positive wishes. If you dream of a cockroach falling on your head, it indicates that your current goals or wishes may come true.

Since it fell on you suddenly, it means that this will happen in short order. You may receive good news or have old issues get settled unexpectedly.

Infestation Dreams

Infestation dreams symbolize a messy and unclean home that requires a thorough cleanup. The home will symbolize your life or current situation.

It may be time to reevaluate yourself, your decisions, and life as a whole. By making changes, you can avoid certain issues or heartaches. It can symbolize having the courage and resilience to build your life anew.

However, if infested by a certain type of cockroach, the meaning can change. If you can distinguish the exact number of cockroaches, this number can be significant.

Dreaming of Killing Cockroaches

If you kill the cockroaches in your dream, this can have several meanings:

  • Killing roaches, but having no impact on an infestation: You feel out of control and unable to conquer your life issues.
  • Struggling to kill roaches: You’re concerned about the future and unable to make a timely decision. It signifies your indecisiveness and warns you to take responsibility in your waking life.
  • Killing a single roach: This symbolizes loneliness or sadness. You may feel powerless to act in a certain situation.
  • Killing roaches successfully: You’ve regained motivation and confidence for moving forward to complete goals.

Dreaming of Dead Cockroaches

Dead cockroaches can be positive and negative in a dream. For example, seeing a face-up dead cockroach is a good omen. This signifies that you will overcome your problems. It can also involve getting rid of an annoyance in your life.

However, cockroach dreams usually involve finding the bug face-down. In this case, it has a negative meaning.

When found individually, the dead cockroaches signify the end of a long-term wish. This might be a project you’ve worked hard on, a relationship you were deeply invested in, or a goal that never came true.

Seeing dead cockroaches in a pile can indicate unaccomplished goals. You may be worried or upset about actions you didn’t take or hopes that didn’t come to fruition.

If you spot dead roaches from far away, it can mean that, sooner or later, you will have a bad experience. This will be more closely related to betrayal than death or disease.

Dream of Cockroaches Crawling On Me

If cockroaches crawl on you in a dream, this is considered a bad omen. In a spiritual context, it may be a warning that something unfortunate will happen soon.

The meaning can vary dramatically if the cockroaches crawl:

  • All over your body: This means the presence of daily stress, anxiety, and fears have paralyzed you. It implies that you’re afraid your decisions and life choices might fail you.
  • On the lower half of your body: This could indicate that you’ll get into an accident soon. It can mean that you have adopted unhealthy habits and are participating in self-destructive activities.

In the latter case, your activities may be disrupting your ability to reason and make solid judgments. This could be resulting in severe physical and psychological harm.

A dream like this can signify that you need to take control of your life and make better decisions.

infestation dreams

Dreams of Cockroaches In Food

Cockroaches in your food can mean that your future goals may not go according to plan.

Therefore, it’s wise to be careful when setting up a business, relationship, new home, or anything significant in the near future. Be prepared for financial loss or plans going awry.  

Cockroaches scurrying throughout your food can mean some people are jealous of you. It’s time to figure out who is the false company and remove them from your circle.

Focus on your strengths and help yourself in achieving your goals.

Dreams of Cockroaches Attacking on You

If the cockroaches swarm or bite you, this could have several meanings. It could mean that:

  • Someone will take advantage of you in the near future
  • You feel anxious about the future and fear bad luck is coming your way
  • You’ve had a bad experience in the past and don’t feel you can recover
  • Someone has a harmful plan that will get out of control

If you see a giant cockroach attacking you, it could indicate that you have burdened yourself with responsibility. If the roach spreads filth or feels dirty in the dream, it could mean you feel haunted by a misdeed.

Dreaming Of Cockroaches In Everything

You may find cockroaches appearing in all your items within a dream. This may include your shoes, bed, and clothing.

If you don’t feel threatened by cockroaches, it may indicate a persistent reminder that you’re trying to avoid. You may be avoiding a task or situation that’s minor to everyone else but important to you.

If you feel scared of cockroaches, it could indicate feeling pursued by a bad memory or experience. You may feel that there’s something distasteful in your life, relationships, or job that needs to be tidied up.

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